The Red Hot Chili Peppers are amazing.

RHCP is easily one of the best modern bands. This is a fact. They are amazing both artistically and musically. Honestly, Flea is probably the best rock bassist on the planet. In most rock bands, the bass is an often overlooked instrument. Look at bands like Iron Maiden for instance, I’m a Maiden fan, but you’ve got to admit, the bass lines (if you can even call them that) in Maiden songs really, really suck… The bass line in Maiden songs is basically the root note of whatever power chord the guitarist is playing at varying rhythms. The bass lines in RHCP songs on the other hand are just plain phenomenal! For instance, listen to the song “Tell Me Baby” from Stadium Arcadium. I absolutely love the bass in that song, extremely funky slap bass, it just makes me wanna dance. Flea not only has amazing chops and tone, but he’s just plain groovy; his rhythm is just impeccable. Flea is right up there with Jaco and Wooten in my book!

Flea isn’t the only incredibly gifted musician in the band, so are all the others. John Frusciante (guitarist) is an extremely underrated player. He has great chops and groove, but what I really like about John is his style of soloing. He doesn’t mindlessly shred and belt out pentatonic licks like so many other “rockers”. His solos are groovy and memorable, he doesn’t overplay, I love that. Not to mention his classic fuzz tone (notably in the Stadium Arcadium album) just sounds HUGE. Great tone + great chops + great groove = John Frusciante = awesomely underrated guitarist.

Every good band has a great drummer, and Chad Smith from RHCP is indeed GREAT. Chad is probably my favorite rock drummer. His playing isn’t as technical and flashy as say…Neil Pert’s, but technical prowess isn’t everything. Smith is just an extremely groovy player, he doesn’t do any crazy stuff with double bass pedals or whatnot, but honestly who cares? He doesn’t overplay, he plays as tight as a metronome, he plays with dynamics, his fills are tasteful and always well placed in the song and he’s awesome live. Those are the makings of an excellent drummer and Chad Smith is excellent indeed!

The singer, Anthony Kiedis is awesome as well. He has a fairly respectable vocal range, he sings in tune and his tone of voice suits RHCP’s music very well. What more can you ask for?

On a side note, I’ve been listening to Stadium Arcadium for the past two weeks and all I can say is this: out of the whopping 28 songs in this album, there isn’t a SINGLE song that I dislike. Most albums these days have about a dozen or so songs, with 3-4 really good ones and the rest are either just decent or filler material. This is certainly NOT the case for Stadium Arcadium!

Long Live RHCP!!!


~ by hyeunny on September 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Red Hot Chili Peppers are amazing.”

  1. Hmm… Never really into the rock style, I like soft music more. But, indeed, their music is cool.

  2. ha i agree they are an amazing band, one of my absoloute favorites for the past six or seven months-i know that’s not very long but they are just incredible. And also I agree about Tell Me Baby. I love that song.

  3. Right on Nina!

  4. yes they are, so ROCK…:)

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