What’s so great about iPods anyways?

Okay, before you get the idea that I’m some kind of anti-Apple fanatic that is biased beyond belief, I would like to state that I have owned an iPod in the past and am basing my arguments solely from my own experiences.

Anyways, my 5th gen iPod video crapped out recently and I’ve been doing some extensive research on mp3 players to find a suitable replacement. I ended up buying a Sandisk Sansa Fuze (8gig), because I found that they offer the best price:performance ratio. Anyhow, the Sansa is a direct contender to the iPod nano, it is roughly the same size, has roughly the same features, but the Sansa is much cheaper. To give you an idea on the price difference, I purchased my 8gig sansa for $109 CAD and the newest 8gig version of the nano is priced at $153 CAD. Here’s a picture of the Sansa, doesn’t it look sleeeeeek?

After having owned the Sansa Fuze for about 2 weeks, my final verdict is that this thing beats the iPod nano in almost every possible way. The Fuze has so many more features than the nano. For starters, it has a built in mic for voice recording and the sound quality from the mic is incredibly good. The unit boasts an expandable micro SDHC memory slot, so if you ever run out of internal memory, you can just pop in a micro sd card for extra space. Also, the scroll wheel on the Fuze in my opinion, is a much better design than the one found on iPods, the wheel doesn’t have a built in touch sensor, instead, you physically rotate the wheel. One of the problems that I had with my iPod was that sometimes the scroll wheel wouldn’t detect my motions properly, no such problems with the Sansa wheel. The Sansa also boasts flawless video playback and photos. Additionally, there is a built in FM radio tuner and you can actually record whatever you’re listening to on the radio if you so wish to. The integration of a “home” button is also very useful, on the iPod you have to press the menu button several times to be brought back to the main menu and vice versa. On the Fuze, one click of the home button will instantly bring you to the root menu and another click will instantly bring you back to whatever menu you were at before, very nifty feature. Also, the actual sound quality on the Sansa is great. The bundled-in earphones sound surprisingly awesome, they have killer bass response! They’re much better than the useless piece of poo ones that I received with my iPod video. The only feature that the Sansa is missing is games. But in all honesty, the only actually cool game to play on iPods is the music quiz game, all of the others ones aren’t too great if you ask me. Another slight advantage that the iPod has is its syncing capabilities with iTunes, the Sansa syncs perfectly with Windows Media Player, but iTunes is a slightly better program for managing your music. Last but not least, the Fuze is incredibly fast, no lagging at all when switching menus (they load up instantly). I was using my friend’s 160gig iPod Classic the other day and boy that thing was sloooooow, there was a very slight but noticeable pause everytime you switched menus or songs. (Holy crap that was a long paragraph.)

All in all, the Sansa Fuze gets you a more feature packed “bang for your buck” mp3 player than its iPod counterpart.

The upper end iPods have some stiff competition as well, Samsung’s offerings and the Microsoft Zune are worthy contenders.

iPods aren’t bad products, but the reason why they sell like hotcakes is mostly due to Apple’s aggressive marketing and the fact that North American pop culture has practically made it a fashion accessory. In a pure tech stand point, they are overpriced and fairly average mp3 players.


~ by hyeunny on October 1, 2008.

5 Responses to “What’s so great about iPods anyways?”

  1. Welcome to the anti ipod club.
    sansa ftw

  2. i like ipod for one reason – more storage space
    since i watch alot of anime and stuff, i always liked bigger space
    but man, when it comes to text files for novels, which i use a lot more often than vid, it’s such a pain in the ass cuz u have to use program to divide the file to 4kb each and than it takes so long to load one (about 1-3 sec for one 4kb file)

  3. The thing is that there are a bunch of high storage alternatives to the iPods these days, the Microsoft Zune for instance, same price range as the iPod classics and offers more features and file format support.

  4. hyeunny// yeah, but i hate ms as much as i hate apple so zune doesnt count

  5. dunno how it got popular, its kinda like Adidas and Nikes to me. These things just grow in the crowd

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