Man, I never knew that colds could be so disabling.

I have no bloody clue how, but I caught a cold the other day when it was 25 degrees (Celsius, mind you) -_-. Apparently, according to wikipedia, exposure to cold weather isn’t directly linked to getting a cold at all. Supposedly, the reason why people get colds more often during the winter is because we generally tend to stay indoors in close quarters with a lot of people, therefore it’s easier for the virus to spread.

Anyways, this cold keeps getting worse and worse, I probably have about 20 spm right now. That’s “sneeze per minute” for you non-geeks (think bpm, but replace the b with “sneeze”). It’s kind of cool though, my sneezing is at fairly regular intervals, so everytime I sneeze, I know that roughly 3 seconds have passed.

Err..anyways, this cold has really reduced my brain power too -_-. I couldn’t pay attention at all in physics class today (or any other class for that matter) and now these vector kinematics problems that I got for homework aren’t making as much sense to me as they should.

The common cold still has no obvious cure, it’s a fairly weak virus and your body can easily fight it off, but it’s still ironic how there still isn’t some kind of “insta-cure” medication against colds. Once they figure out a cure for cancer, the researchers should move on to colds.


~ by hyeunny on October 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “Man, I never knew that colds could be so disabling.”

  1. well, ppl get cold more often during the change of weather also, especially winter to spring time.
    anyway, give urself a rest, that’s the only cure u have for cold, and hopefully u will be better tmr.
    and personally, im glad there’s an insta-cure for colds, for mainly two reason: first, if we have those cures, the virus would then mutate rapidly, becoming something that we cant handle. and secondly, these cold give us sickdays, the greatest thing happened since the creation of fire

  2. crap made a typo up there, it’s not “im glad there’s an insta-cure”, it’s “im glad there ISNT an insta-cure”

  3. Meh… 60% of the people in my classes caught colds last week.

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