Inspiration is a weird thing.

To be truly inspired to do something is a magical feeling. You feel unstopabble and you will strive to do anything you can to reach whatever goal you are inspired to reach.

As is the rule for most great things in life, inspiration seems to come and go. A state of inspiration/enthusiasm goes hand in hand with productivity. I notice this phenomenon whenever I get together with my friends/bandmates to write music for our band. On some days, all of us are absolutely brimming with inspiration and we get an incredible amount of work done, there’s even times where we are able to practically compose an entire song in one day. Yet sometimes, we get absolutely nothing done and we all just crap around and waste our precious time.

Anyhow, today I’m feeling quite uninspired for no apparent reason and I honestly don’t feel like writing this blog post at all. This is exactly how my last blog died, one day, I just didn’t feel like writing and eventually I just stopped updating it altogether. No worries though, I vowed to never let that happen again, and that’s exactly why I forced myself to write this post that you are currently reading.

Anyhow, this leads to another point that I would like to discuss, I think that inspiration is more important than intelligence. There’s no doubt that people like Isaac Newton, Einstein and Galileo were very intelligent people, but I believe that they were more inspired than they were intelligent. If you look around you, there is actually quite a substantial number of intellectually capable people in the world. Yet, intelligence will only get you so far. A study of the great people that have contributed much to society will show you that they were not all geniuses with IQs of 150 and over. A true genius in my opinion, is a person that shows great autonomy and is capable of inspiring themselves. A productive and inspired person with average intelligence will ultimately contribute more to society than a lazy person with an IQ of 150+.

This post was my pitiful attempt at trying to inspire myself…


~ by hyeunny on October 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “Inspiration is a weird thing.”

  1. i consider myself a genius and a idiot at the same time

  2. Good point there… I can never be inspired when writing in my English class. That explains my B average im getting.

  3. yeah dude, seriously, I have no trouble writing in my blog, but my brain just dies during essays in english class… I think it’s because I’m so used to writing on the computer, it feels so awkward when you write a long essay with a pencil and paper. I guess it’s because we tend to type much faster than we write by hand. It’s easier to just unleash your thoughts and type frantically on the computer than it is to sit down and write things the old school way.

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