What makes a person attractive?

Here’s my personal philosophy on what makes a person attractive.

1) Intelligence: I’m not saying that you need an A in IB Calculus to be considered intelligent. By intelligent, I mean a person that is clever and able to express their thoughts and opinions clearly. Basically, an individual that is able to carry out a civilized and intellectual discussion without making a fool out of themselves. Dumb blondes are a no-no. Nerds are also a no-no. No one likes intelligent nerdy types with huge egos that boast about their own smartness.

2)Charisma: A charismatic person is attractive in the eyes of all. Some people are just gifted with natural leadership qualities. These people aren’t afraid to speak their thoughts and defend their interests, but at the same time they respect the interests of others. They are able to convey their thoughts so convincingly that others are just naturally inclined to follow them. That’s why charismatic “alpha male” types tend to score a lot of women.

3)Confidence: Do not confuse this with cockiness. To be confident is to able to realize one’s own strengths and weaknesses and to work effectively within those boundaries. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, confidence just helps you amplify your strengths and make your weaknesses seem insignificant in proportion. Don’t be too confident though, do not put yourself above others, put yourself on the same level. Basically, keep your head held high and don’t let people put you down, but at the same time be careful not to put others down.

4)Fitness: You don’t have to have the sculpted body of a triathlete to be considered attractive (although that would help…). Just take care of your body. Exercise reguarly and eat right. Stay fit and healthy and it will boost your overall image.

5)Be sociable: Be an easy person to talk to. Smile and be friendly, no one likes a tough hardass that refuses to open up to people.

6)Play guitar: The chicks dig it (then again…I play guitar and…..no luck). Hmm this one is still under revision.

Hopefully one day I will meet an awesomely intelligent, charismatic, confident, fit and sociable girl that plays guitar, makes awesome sushi, plays RPGs, reads manga and listens to old music.


~ by hyeunny on October 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “What makes a person attractive?”

  1. love is all you need

  2. I failed to be attractive… T_T

  3. Amen

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