So…I got fired the other day.

Yep, as the title states, I got laid off from work the other day. Apparently they hired a new full-time worker and had to axe one of the part-timers. I’m kind of pissed off at the fact that they gave me ABSOLUTELY NO NOTICE… I showed up to work on Saturday and they told me that they had to “let me go”. I told them: “wtf why didn’t you give me any notice or anything?!” They told me that they thought the manager had phoned me….pfff yeah right. Anyways I have to go back in on Friday to collect my last paycheck and apprently, according to the BC employment laws they have to pay me something called severance pay. Which is basically a week’s worth of pay which works up to about 70 bucks for me, since I only worked one shift per week. Anyhow, at least I get to sleep in on Saturday mornings now.

On a side note, I’m in a pretty good mood today, I realized that I’m getting the highest mark in 3 of my classes. Sweet!

Remember kids:      Education > minimum wage job.


~ by hyeunny on October 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “So…I got fired the other day.”

  1. It doesnt strike me that your getting top marks, your a genius.

  2. haha…I don’t know about that…

  3. i give my condolencses
    i suggest you work at shell

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