So…I just finished Crisis Core

For those of you that don’t know, this game is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII. It stars Zack Fair, a member of SOLDIER, he was mentioned briefly in FFVII and you could see him in an optional cutscene (Shinra Manor).

Yeah…I know that I’m a little late, considering that this game came out some 7 months ago. Anyhow, I’m a big fan of FFVII so I really enjoyed this game. The graphics were amazing, the soundtrack was spectacular (I really enjoyed the re-recorded versions of original FFVII music), the story was quite gripping and the gameplay was pretty solid. All in all, great game. In terms of presentation, this game was absolutely stellar, the voice acting, the CG cutscenes, the graphics, the sound…everything was so polished. I had some minor gripes with the game though, the battle system was cool at first, but at the end of the day, the system is quite shallow and repetitive. On the bright side, the battles are all quite fast paced so it wasn’t that big of an issue. Who plays RPGs for the combat system anyways? It’s all about the story and character development.

In terms of plot and characters, this game really delivered. Zack is a very likeable protagonist. He isn’t your typical spiky haired, silent, bad ass (*cough*Crono*cough). Zack talks A LOT, you always know what he’s thinking because he says every single thing that goes through his head. I kind of like that though, he babbles a lot, but he’s a very nice and down to earth guy. I’ve never felt so attached to an RPG character before. Some of the things he says are quite cheesy and at the begining of the game he might strike you as a cocky and annoying blabbermouth but he’s actually a very dynamic character. That’s the highlight of the game right there: Zack’s character development. As the game progresses Zack continuously matures and by the end of the game, he’s such a cool guy that all the girls that played this game probably wished that he was real. Of course all the guys wished that Aerith/Tifa/Cissnei were real…but that’s another story altogether. Without spoiling too much of the plot, the game’s events tie-in quite well with the events of the original FFVII and the story is quite good on it’s own, even for people who haven’t played FF VII. On the other hand, if you have played FF VII than you will enjoy this game infinitely more. Crisis Core provides some signifant insight on the events of FF VII.

Spoiler Alert********* (major spoilers from this point on)

Crisis Core sheds A LOT of light on Sephiroth. This game shows us what kind of guy Sephiroth was before he went crazy. Prior to the Nibelheim incident, he’s a super charimistic, kind-hearted and just plain awesome dude that you would want to hang out with. Sephiroth is a fairly complex character, too bad he’s just a crazed lunatic in FF VII.

We also get to learn a lot about Cloud. In the original FF VII, he’s a silent bad-ass for a good portion of the game. Crisis Core allows you to see Cloud for what he really is, a kind-hearted, insecure and vulnerable youth.

Tseng gets a lot of time in the spotlight as well, he’s actually a softie…just like Cloud.

Finally, after playing this game, you will feel so much sympathy for Aerith. After all, she waited FOUR YEARS for Zack to return and he dies without even saying a proper good bye *cry* and in FF VII she gets killed right when she’s starting to get closer to Cloud. Poor chick died before she even had one proper relationship…

Anyways…like any other Final Fantasy game, there were a couple of things that didn’t make too much sense:

-In Crisis Core, Shinra are waging a war against Wutai. Wutai is apparently a very large and powerful nation. In FF VII, Wutai was a village with about 10 houses -_-. Oh well.

-What happens to Genesis anyways? Those 2 SOLDIER dudes just carry him away and we never hear from him again.

-What happens to Cissnei? Also, she mentions something about “Cissnei” not being her real name…but her real name is never actually divulged. Is Cissnei secretly Elena from FF VII?! Probably not. One can only imagine what happened to the beautiful Cissnei… *sigh*


~ by hyeunny on October 25, 2008.

6 Responses to “So…I just finished Crisis Core”

  1. damn i gotta finish the game, only 6 hrs thru

  2. The two guys who took genesis away are from FFVII:Dirge of Cerberus. Nero and Weiss. After that Genesis became brothers with them. That is shown in the Secret ending of DOC. I love final fantasy 😀

  3. yeah Genesis is just a mystery though, apparently there’s a secret ending in Dirge where you see Genesis awakening and flying away at the end carrying Weiss I believe

  4. If you watch the secret ending of DOC and look closely at Genesis, you will notice that it is actually Japan’s super music icon, Gackt. I am being serious, they actually edited him into the CG cutscene. Makes sense, considering he is the person they based Genesis appearance off of (and pretty much every other lead FF character).

  5. hmm that’s interesting… anyways, I think the FF VII universe has been expanded on too much for its own good: Advent Children, Dirge, Crisis Core and so on were all great games and expanded upon the original story decently, but the original stand-alone FF VII story was beyond good enough and I kind of get the feeling that Square has strayed a little too far from the original with all the spinoffs

    I still think that the best thing that Square can do for FF VII is just to make full fledged remake of the original, perhaps we will see one on the PS4 or something…

  6. Sqaure And FFVII Just Rock NO Further Comment

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