Cherish this moment – it will be in the history books.

The Presidential Race has finally come to a close and Barack Obama has won for a reason. Not only is this a victory for America, but this is the a victory for the world. As the first African-American president, Obama has truly brought the concept of racial equality to a whole new level. I can only imagine how proud Martin Luther King would be if he were here to see this. With all that said, McCain is still quite an honorable man, he has without a doubt, proven himself as a patriot and as a man of honor. Few can even begin to imagine of what he had to endure during the 5 years that he spent as a prisoner of war. McCain’s speech was quite good in the sense that he accepted his defeat like a man. On a side note, I was utterly surprised at how disrespectful McCain’s Arizona crowd was. Every time McCain even spoke of anything remotely positive about Obama, the crowd started booing. In contrast, Obama’s crowd in Chicago all fell absolutely silent and were very respectful during McCain’s speech. McCain’s public image probably went down with the total lack of class that was shown by his followers.

Anyhow, I would now like to focus on Obama’s speech. Simply put, it was amazing and truly inspiring. Everyone in the Chicago crowd was teary-eyed, regardless of race. I’m not even American (I’m a citizen of Canada), but I found myself on the verge of tears as I listened to Obama’s speech. His speech spoke of unity. Unity is what we need in this day and age where everyone is driven by their own selfish desires and personal agendas. President Obama is an amazing public speaker indeed, his speech pin pointed everything that needed to be said, he didn’t shy away from the issues either, he openly admitted that this election was only the first step towards change. Nonetheless, he inspired so many people and you could see the glitter of hope in the eyes of all the listeners. I especially loved it when he mentioned the 106 year old woman from Atlanta that cast her ballot earlier that night. He used that great example to truly touch down on what America was all about, none could disagree with the accurateness in which he depicted the American Dream. I am proud to have experienced this truly historical moment of change. This will be in the history textbooks for sure. Perhaps my grandchildren will be studying the 2008 Presidential Race and the triumph of Barack Obama in their social studies classes sometime in the distant future. God bless you Barack Obama and may you lead your nation in righteousness.

P.S. I hope that the next Canadian Federal Election will at least be half as exciting as the 08 Presidential Race (the Canadian election was absolutely drab in comparison).


~ by hyeunny on November 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Cherish this moment – it will be in the history books.”

  1. I have a renewed faith in the American people. For Obama to go up against all the smear ads and still make it is amazing. To keep his composure while under attack says something about his character. It proves that although the odds may be against it, it is still possible for the will of the people to conquer. Of the people, by the people, and for the people.

  2. Thanks for the comment Eric, I whole-heartedly agree with everything that you just said. There is hope after all.

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