Tales of Eternia – an amazing RPG that never made it to America…

I’m currently playing an amazing RPG called Tales of Eternia on my PSP. I’m playing the official English version that was only released in Europe. That’s right, it’s not a fan translation or anything, it’s the official English version… For some reason this game never made it to North America (no darn clue as to why…). Anyhow this is an absolutely amazing game, probably one of the best or perhaps even THE best RPG on the PSP. I’m just baffled as to why Namco would bother to make an official English version and not release it in North America… After all, North America is a much bigger market for video games than Europe last time I checked.

Anyhow, if you’re “in the know” when it comes to “acquiring” PSP games then this is definitely an awesome one to check out.


~ by hyeunny on November 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “Tales of Eternia – an amazing RPG that never made it to America…”

  1. and one wonders why we didnt get mother 3. and tales of innocence. and astonishia story. and princess maker. and fate/stay night.

    come on guys, at least toheart 2 xrated 🙂

  2. we did get Astonishia story


    Also, the other games that you listed never got an official english translation anyways. I understand when it comes to games staying in Japan but why make an official english release and put it out only in Europe? that’s what I don’t get

  3. nah im talking about the original PC astonishia story. i think psp version is stripped down version. and princess maker should come to NA no matter what.

  4. lol, your playing tales of eternia man? (played that for the psp a bazillion years ago xD)

    but yo, do you have the version with all the movies? (like the stuff wasn’t ripped, cuz i couldn’t find a ver with them; it would just play the opening for every movie and wrecking the damn ending to the game 😦 )

    but yeah awesome game, the final boss is a W_T_F? also that is one butt ugly cover imo

  5. It did make it to America. It’s called Tales of Destiny II in America and its on the PSX. It’s a Misnomer due to copyrights. The real Tales of Destiny II is in Japan. xD

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