War and Peace – Tolstoy’s masterpiece

Yes, I have finally decided to tackle this behemoth of a book. At nearly 1400 pages (small print), War and Peace gives the Bible a run for its money. Leo Tolstoy (the author) is without a doubt one of the most talented writers in the history of mankind. Tolstoy originally wrote War and Peace in Russian and the newly translated (English) version that I’m currently reading is excellent. I’m only about 200 pages into the book, but I can already tell why this book is a masterpiece.

This is actually my second attempt at trying to read this book. I purchased War and Peace last year and read about 40 pages before giving up. At that time, I thought this book was just incredibly long and boring and I had my mind set on other things. I wasn’t in the right state of mind to appreciate such fine literature. Anyways, this book is basically a very historically accurate fiction novel that tells the tale of Russian society during the Napoleonic era. Sounds boring? That’s what I thought at first too. The beauty of the book lies elsewhere though. War and Peace is a masterpiece in the sense that it paints such a vivid picture of Russian society. Also, the book offers a great cast of characters. Most of the story centers around 5-6 characters, all of the characters are developed very well and you will naturally grow attached to them. You will find yourself sharing their triumphs and their griefs. Tolstoy’s writing style is absolutely perfect and sucks you right in. The catch is that this book cannot really be read in short bursts. Especially in the beginning of the book, there is not much action going on and if you read in short bursts, it’s easy to forget what happened in the previous chapters and so on.

All in all, I wholeheartedly reccomend this book to more advanced readers. Every masterpiece is a masterpiece for a reason.


~ by hyeunny on December 9, 2008.

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  1. bastard can u be more fun plz

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