30 Rock: a TV show worth watching

I recently started watching a show called 30Rock. The show came out awhile ago and the first 2 seasons are already on DVD. I just finished the 1st season and I thought it was great. It’s a great comedy and it won several awards. Anyhow, it stars Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) an unmarried woman around her mid 30s that works at the NBC building which has the address “30 Rockefeller Plaza” (hence the name, 30 Rock). Liz Lemon is in charge of a show called “the Girlie Show”. So basically 30Rock is a TV show is about people that are making a TV show. The humour is witty, the characters are fresh and dynamic (Kenneth is the greatest!) and the show kind of gives us a “backstage” look at the world of showbiz. The humour is a blend of “The Office” awkwardness, rnadom SNL style craziness and just plain funny/witty dialogue. Also, Tina Fey is incredibly hot. Anyways, it’s definitely a show worth checking out. You’re guaranteed to laugh out loud at least a couple of times per episode.


~ by hyeunny on December 19, 2008.

One Response to “30 Rock: a TV show worth watching”

  1. yay tina fey

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