So today I came across this demo for a JRPG called Eternal Eden. I breezed through the demo in a couple of hours. It kept me occupied until lunch time 🙂 Anyhow, it’s a neat little game made by some independent developers who used RPG Maker XP (free software for making RPGs). RPG Maker is a fairly good piece of software that allows you to make vivid SNES style 16-bit RPGs. Basically it’s for geeks to make their own games along the lines of Chrono Trigger or the older Final Fantasies.

I’m a big JRPG fan, but I had always played my RPGs on actual consoles or handhelds, never on the computer (except for with emulators, but that doesn’t really count). I did a quick google search upon completing the demo and apparently there’s a bunch of independent developers out there that make JRPGs specifically for the PC. Aramanth Games is one of the more well known developers. Most of their games have demos and you can also choose to buy the full length game. They have one FREE full length game though. It’s called Ahriman’s Prophecy. Apparently it was quite the hit when it first came out. The creator of Aramanth initially made Ahriman’s prophecy for fun and had it up for free downloads. The game was such a hit that the guy decided to make it his day job. And thus, Aramanth Games was officially born. Anyhow, Aramanth isn’t the only indie JRPG developer out there. There’s a bunch of others. The quality of their games is quite good. Ok, well I’m going back to playing JRPGs….on my PC….oh yeah….


~ by hyeunny on December 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “JRPGs on PC”

  1. lol ive been playing jrps too, but on my ps2 ( persona ftw )

  2. persona 4? I hear that game is even better than 3.

  3. damn
    i wanna make a mahou shoujo jrpg

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