Bassin’ it up

So, I’m traditionally a guitarist, but lately I’ve been really getting into playing the bass. Bass is so much fun and after a couple of days of playing bass, it feels fresh and new again to pick up a guitar. I guess interchanging between these 2 instruments helps me retain a nice change of pace and adds some spice to playing music.

Anyhow, here are my 2 beauties.

My weapon of choice is a  Squier VM Precision Bass. (Squires are traditionally known to be el cheapo instruments, but the limited run VM series basses/guitars are GREAT instruments. She plays and sounds just as well as any solid MIM P-Bass out there.

On the amplification side, I have a Marshall MB30 (that I picked up yesterday). Great amp for the price. The onboard compressor works beautifully and the tone is nice, clean and punchy. It complements the passive pups on my P-Bass very well.

Well that’s my bass gear, I highly recommend both the bass and the amp (especially for people on a budget). The lot only cost me a little over 500 bucks (which is not much at all when it comes to music gear). 500 bucks for a solid instrument and amp that delivers rockin’ tone and will keep me satisfied for years to come is a great deal in my book.

Anyways, for guitarists out there that feel like they’re stuck in a rut and are starting to feel that their music/guitar playing is getting stale, I highly recommend picking up a bass to keep things fresh.

Keep on rocking the free world 🙂


~ by hyeunny on December 31, 2008.

4 Responses to “Bassin’ it up”

  1. what the hell, when did u get a bass.. damn

  2. had one since grade 9

  3. in case u havent noticed, bobby was bass player when he was in concert band..

  4. dude nguyen was never in band, lol

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