Team Fortress 2: My new go-to game

My brother got me the Orange Box for Christmas. As you all know, the orange box is one of the greatest deals in video game history. 5 amazing games for the price of your average “budget title”. Anyways, one of the 5 games in the box is Team Fortress 2. The original Team Fortress (TFC) was a popular half-life mod just like Counter Strike. TFC was never quite as big as CS, but it was still regarded as one of the best tactical, class-based shooters of its time. TF2 is the official sequel to TFC and it provides the same tactical and class based action that we’ve all come to love. Before getting the Orange Box, the only online FPS I played on a regular basis was CS. CS is a great game, but imo, the game is a bit too much about stats whoring. A good scrim in CS can be intense, but most public servers are filled with selfish and stat-whoring a-holes. TF2 is much more appealing to me, because 100% of the game is team based (hence the name TEAM fortress).

There are a total of 9 classes to choose from and each one of them have their own personalities, weaknesses, strengths and so on. It’s incredibly hard to master all the classes and you can pretty much change classes on the fly (every time you respawn), which allows you to keep a good change of pace. Unlike CS, this game isn’t about stat-whoring at all, it’s all about cooperation and operating tightly as a team. It’s impossible to get good at Team Fortress without being a team player. Lone wolf stats whores will not get far in this game at all.

Also, Valve has been adding achievements to their games lately, achievements are a great addition and compels players to play better. By unlocking achievements, you can unlock new weapons for certain classes (today I unlocked the Blutsauger for medic- wooot it rocks). Anyways, TF2 is a GREAT game and I highly recommend for people that are looking for a great FPS with emphasis on TEAMPLAY.

As you can see, I’m hooked to this game. I better chill out a bit and do something constructive. I’ve never gotten a steam rating over 4 before… I used to wonder how the hell those guys got to 10 (Eagle Scream), but I’m beginning to understand, since I’m getting there myself -_-

P.S. I Also really want to buy Left 4 Dead, but I still think it’s a bit too overpriced. I mean for a game with only 4 official maps…it’s pretty pricey. L4D on it’s own is almost twice as expensive as the entire Orange Box… Now I think Valve should rethink their marketting strategy. After giving us amazing deals like the Orange Box, full priced games appear to be ripoffs in comparison.


~ by hyeunny on January 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “Team Fortress 2: My new go-to game”

  1. If you don’t mind a little sarcasm, check out my site at . The writing is terrible but I swear, the pictures are not to be missed. Also, if you take cool screenshots, send them to . If you want to play tf2 some time, I’ll be back in game some time next week. Add me on Steam where my name is Team Fortress 3.

    ps — cool theme, this comment layout is nice.

  2. oO Shiny LOL
    damn, your bro got u this game? haha nice

  3. hey notourspy, thanks for reading my blog, I’ll add you next time I get on Steam, and Nguyen lol I know man

  4. k

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