Great Flick: Burn After Reading

So it’s the weekend and I’ve finished most of my exams! I only have 1 to go, but it’s on tuesday so I’ve decided to take this weekend to relax and be chillin’ like a villain in order to rejuvenate my fried brain cells (courtesy of the physics final). I caught a massive cold and was dead tired on friday, so I pretty much slept like a log. I woke up close to noon today and have been wearing PJs and watching movies for pretty much the whole day. I kicked off my movie marathon with Dr. Zhivago, a great movie, especially for those who are interested in Russian history. Anyways, I watched a bunch of movies, but the one that caught my attention today was Burn After Reading. It’s a fairly recent film (2008), I wanted to see it in theaters, but I didn’t have the time. I watched it for the first time today and found it to be highly entertaining.

Burn After Reading stars some very familiar actors (Pitt and Clooney for starters) and casts them into a haphazard plot. Chad (Pitt) a personal trainer at a local gym stumbles upon some documents written by an ex-CIA analyst. The documents are in fact of no importance, but Chad and his friend Linda believe them to be some kind of top secret CIA files. That’s the basis for the plot. I won’t spoil the rest, in case you haven’t watched the movie. Anyways the plot is absolutely ridiculous and funny. For a good chunk of the movie, you will be thinking “what the heck is going on?”, but in the end it all makes sense. It’s not a classic movie (eg. Titanic) that you will be watching over and over again ’til the end of time, but it is a highly entertaining 1-time rollercoaster ride. I highly reccomend Burn After Reading for a “friday/saturday night” rental.


~ by hyeunny on January 24, 2009.

One Response to “Great Flick: Burn After Reading”

  1. oui, je dois regarder ce film.

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