About Me

You may call me hyeunny.  Hum let’s see. I’m a 1.5 generation Asian. I’m currently in high school and I ❤ music. I have difficulty talking to hot chicks. Radiohead is my favorite band. I think the following women are incredibly attractive: Boxxy, Tina Fey, Carrie Underwood, Haylie Duff (hilary’s unknown sister) and Feist (coolest guitar slingin’ chick around). I like video games, especially RPGs (FF VII was a defining moment of my childhood). Oh, I also love competitive online games, Valve Games (CS, TF2) and Blizzard games (SC, WC, Diablo). I think manga and anime is cool, but I haven’t really been into that lately. I did not get motion sickness from Cloverfield. I thought it was great. I own 3 guitars and some other random instruments. I’ve never had a girlfriend. I think Borat is hilarious. I’m a lazy bastard, but I still get good grades at school. I’m a huge suck-up to all of my teachers (I genuinely like most of them though). I’m currently jobless and this is what I look like.

I guess that pretty much sums up who I am. By the way I’m brushing my teeth in that picture, not eating bacon in the bathroom or anything silly like that.


One Response to “About Me”

  1. WTF @ the PICTURE!!
    lol jk u look so happy its unreal rofl

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